Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Fresh Start

Okay, I admit that I failed.  I just couldn't do the low-carb thing.  I couldn't stand the limited options and my body was seriously craving sugar.  After I got sick from running w/o any carbs in my system, I knew I couldn't do it.  So, never one to stay down for long, I am going to stick w/ my plan to lose 30 pounds...only I want to do it in a more gradual and realistic way.

I'm going to give myself 12 weeks instead of six.  This puts me at losing 2-3 pounds per week.  That's a lot more realistic, no?  And I'm going to aim for running 21 miles per week.  That will include two rest days so I don't injure myself again.  21 miles is easily doable for me.

I'm going to lean heavily on fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains while counting calories.  All of this sounds down right sensible and less like a gimmick.  And my cuz is going to diet and excercise along with me for accountability.

I will be posting my weight every Saturday along with my picture.  Wish me luck...or better yet, pray for me.  Thanks everyone!


  1. Sounds great Ashley! Proud of you!


  2. Thinking of you, and rootin' for you! :-)

  3. Think of me while you're running! I can't wait to get back to being active! But back to got this!! Just picture me holding up a #1 foam finger, cause I totally am, and it's just for you!! :-)