Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day Twenty-One

I love Sundays.  I love teaching Sunday School.  I love singing the worship songs.  I love the preaching, teaching, time with friends.  Today was an unusual Sunday.  After morning service, our worship and drama team performed a play.  I was in charge of telling the youth how to wait tables.  Being a professional, I took my job seriously.  We had a lot of fun, shared a lot of laughs.  And though I tried to discreetly get out of there without eating...the food looked so delicious, multiple people insisted that I sit down and have lunch.  Somehow, I dodged the well-intentioned and insistent pleas of my friends and was able to escape out the side door.  
I went for my usual 3.5 mile run, came home and ate some chicken.  Part of me wishes I had sat down and ate with everyone else....  In the grand scheme of things, that would have probably been a better decision.  But I'm too self-conscious to eat in front of people anyway.  What's up with that?!?!?

Day Twenty-One 148lbs
I bought some delicious fruit, yogurt, and whole grains for this week.  I'm hoping to incorporate them into a healthy diet  I've got big plans of turkey sandwiches, vegetable soup, and Mulit-Grain Cheerios.
I really hope to see the scale budge this week.  I'd at least like to lose the 3 pounds I've already lost and gained back over the course of these 3 weeks.  With 28 pounds left to lose, I need to see some results.

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  1. Awww, such a cute picture! :-) I like that you planned out your meal system for this next week. Planning is THE BOMB. ;-) (I'm such a planner, even though I frequently buck my own, self-made plans.) Are you planning on using milk w/ your cereal? I've been told that drinking milk is like ingesting liquid glucose (high carb). If you wanted to, you could try Silk brand's unsweetened almond milk. It's only 1 g. of carbs per cup. I've been so naughty today.... red beans and rice for lunch (eating out, and it's the best gluten-free option at Popeyes), corn frito chips with my guacamole for supper, and THEN, kettle popcorn. Whatev. It's the weekend, ya know? Opted out of a workout DVD, decided to listen to my body (err, knees?) and take a nice break. Trying to decide between DVD or run for tomorrow.