Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day Ten

 Okay, I've added another row to my weight chart:  Starting weight.  As much as I want to forget that I was ever in the "150's", it's kind of exciting to see how far I've come.  Friend says I'm getting better at not making a weird "I'm scared" face when she's taking my picture too.  Bonus points!  So, I am making progress.

Today at work, my boss asked if we needed anything since she was running to the drugstore.  We all shouted out random odd things, and I shouted out the only thing on my mind: cheese.  I was so hungry from only having Atkins bars for breakfast and lunch.  Turns out, the drugstore doesn't sell cheese, but it does sell cocoa roasted almonds.  And my boss, being the awesome person she is, brought me a whole canister.  AND a four-pack of tic-tacs!  (There are NO carbs in tic-tacs!)  Best.  Boss.  Ever.
Day Ten 147lbs

Charles and I took a long walk after work today.  It was still a little cool outside, but nothing we couldn't handle.  Youth Group from 6-7:30, 100 cake pops rolled, and a delicious hot ham and cheese complete a lovely evening.  And Pandora is nice enough to play a little John Mayer.  I feel good.

Any of you having a good day on your weight-loss plans?


  1. I love how you write of your romantic walks with Charles.. ;-) :P

    And I love that you listen to John Mayer...

    And your smile keeps getting better and better.

    And yes, my diet thing is going well...only carby-type things I ingested today were two corn tortillas....oh, and some grape juice I'm fixing to drink just to mask the awful flavor of a certain natural remedy that I'm taking.. ;-)

    And! I jogged 3 mi. See, I too am trying to lose the pounds... ;-) :D My goal is to be 120-125, what I was in high school. I was 125 on my bathroom scale when I first got to KMBC, my freshman year. Oh to be that weight again! When I went to the doctor a few weeks ago, I was 149, but I hadn't eaten that day or much the day before. Haven't weighed myself since; just trying to do what I can. Anyway, this is your weight loss blog, not mine, so my apologies for the "book." ;-) :P :-)

  2. Wait, are cocoa roasted almonds and dark chocolate covered almonds the same thing? I was craving "cocoa roasted almonds" so much after reading your blog, so I went to Walmart over my lunch break today, to find some. I forgot they were "cocoa roasted almonds" and went in search of "chocolate covered almonds" which I found. 16 carbs per 13 almonds, I do believe? I ate 3 sets of those, in about 2 hr. increments. Yeah, I'm a pig. What is the carb count on "cocoa roasted almonds" and where can I find some?

    1. No, cocoa roasted almonds are very different. You should be able to get them at CVS or Meijer. That's where I get mine. Your net carbs will be about 2 per serving.
      I'm excited that you're out running...makes me wish I was running again.

  3. You are doing great Ashley! I can tell you are losing weight! Love the smile!


  4. Um, Ashley, we don't have Meijers down here! :P I heard they have them at Sam's Club though (not that I have a membership there), but anyway, hopefully I'll find some eventually!

    I said I was 149 on the doc-scale the other day, but now I'm not so sure. It was either 139 or 149, and that's 10 lbs. difference, and I can't remember which it was! :P I just weighed myself here at the house, and I'm 138.3, so either I've lost a ton of weight, or else, I haven't lost any in the past 3 or so weeks! :D