Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day Twenty-Three

Okay Friends, I'm just going to say it.  I'm discouraged.  So discouraged, in fact, that I couldn't even blog about it yesterday.  Maybe I need a new approach to this whole dieting thing.  Clearly what I'm doing is not working.
I have an injury that's going to prevent me from running this week.  I should have listened to my body, and my previous store of knowledge, and rested on Sunday after those 8 miles on Saturday.  But I didn't.  So, Monday's run ended after about a mile and a half of running on a very sore right shin.  Mary, you warned me, but I refused to heed your warning.  I know better.  This is not my first run around the block.  But with an injured leg, a scale that keeps creeping up, and a diet that's less than palatable, I'm discouraged indeed.
Knowing that there's no possibility of losing anywhere near 30 pounds in 42 days, I've changed the subtitle of my blog.  It's time to get real.  Encouraging words are much needed and appreciated.


  1. *Warning: the following will make me sound like a Miss know-it-all. (Man, I hate those types.) Uh, pretend like I don't sound like one. Plz. Kthnx.*

    #1. There are some exercises to prevent shin splints. The ones I can remember are as follows:

    a) Sit somewhere where your feet hang off the edge, and don't touch the ground. Hang something weighted over your foot, or put something heavy on your foot (sand bag type something). Lift said heavy something with foot. Do several reps.

    b) From a standing position flex your feet, raising your toes, and feet towards your knee (without your feet leaving the ground). I used to do these in the shower.

    c) Stand somewhere (like steps) where your heel is on the surface, but the top half of your feet are dangling off, and then flex those toes and lift. (I think this is one, but now I almost think it's a thigh building one; anyway, might be worth a try.)

    Weight Loss:

    # 1
    Google paleo and primal diets. They are pretty low-glycemic, except for the small amounts of honey they use, and the liberal amounts of fruit they eat. Overall, they seem to be very low carb though. I'm thinking that it might give you some meal ideas that won't be boring. I was googling paleo/primal stuff a few days ago, and came up with so many blogs, with great recipes. A lot of peleo/primal people work out at Crossfit gyms, and so are really fit.

    Hanging out at the Low Carb Friends message board encouraged me last year. There were lots of interesting meal ideas on there, and it's inspiring to see how some of those women have made low-carb eating a way of life.


    I was practically in induction for a couple months before I saw any weight come off the scale. Some people's weight loss doesn't kick in for a while, but then they might drop really fast.


    Sure you don't have a thyroid problem? That can make it difficult to lose weight. You'd be checking for hypothyroidism. To read descriptions of symptoms, I would recommend checking out:


    At least you've lost 4 lbs. and are still at it! That's a whole lot more than some people are able to do! At least you have the vision, and have gotten this far in the process! You're one of the lucky ones!


    I worked my butt off last week, and when I weighed myself this past Saturday, I'd only lost like .1 or .2 lbs. I didn't totally watch what I ate, but still, I ran 21 flippin' miles.. While the scale didn't budge, I can see loss of inches, and muscle definition though, so I'm satisfied! ;-)

    At least we're keeping the second law of thermodynamics at bay, by doing what we can!

    When you said you didn't head my warning, I chuckled and thought, "I appreciate it, but I DO NOT care." (Remember?!) HA HA! ;-) :p

    Keep doing what you can! I'm rootin' for you! :-)

  2. You can do this Ashley! You could do a cleanse to clear out the toxins from your body. You could also eat nothing but raw food for several days and see what happens, then again, you best do what you think you are capable of doing, or else you are going to get off of the bandwagon!