Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day Nine

 I've officially lost five pounds now.  Super pumped.  The best part about today was spending the evening with my friend at Starbucks.  We literally talked for hours, and would probably be talking still if I didn't have to get home to dip my cake pops.

I never did get a chance to exercise today.  It was a bit cold out, compared to how warm it's been this spring, and I didn't have the time anyway.  I hope that it won't affect the scale tomorrow.

Day Nine 148lbs
Today I tried a Jimmy John's "unwich".  Basically, it's everything you would normally get on a sandwich, but instead, it's wrapped in a big piece of lettuce.  Really tasty.  I definitely see myself doing that a few more times over the next 33 days.

I never really did get around to eating dinner....

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  1. Beautiful picture, and lovely smile! I miss you! :-)