Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day Three

Today I learned something.  Something wonderful.  I learned that pork rinds have NO carbs!  No carbs at all!  This is a strange, upside-down world where I can't eat yogurt but I can have all the pork rinds I want.  

Tonight we had bacon cheeseburgers for dinner.  We also had tossed salad and a bag of pork rinds.  I found that light ranch dressing only has 3 carbs/2 tbsps.  Nice.  I'm trying to stay under 20 carbs per day and so far, though it hasn't been easy, it has been doable.

I opted to change things up a bit and take a bike ride this evening instead of a walk.  I think I did a six mile round trip, out to my church and home again.  Again, not easy, but doable.

Day Three 150lbs
The worst part of my day was when I realized there was only one ice cream bar left and I promised Friend she could have it.  She offered it to me, because she's awesome like that, but I just can't be that person.  The best part of my day was when my aunt called to tell me that she took an order for 125 cake pops for my little bakery business.  (yeah, that's irony, I make cake pops to order.)

I need some fresh ideas for lunch.  Any ideas out there?


  1. Chicken salad? chicken breast/ranch or mayo (if the are low enough on carbs)/sliced bell peppers/purple onion/spices/.....does that even sound yummy? Who knows. Anyway, the first thing that came to mind.

    Here's some inspiration for ya.....remember the weight loss competition my freshman year in the dorm? Mr. Brent told me he was convinced you would win b/c when you set your mind to something, you do it.

  2. pepperoni chips--microwave the slices till crisp (can add cheese), lettuce roll ups--roll meats or tuna or veggies in the lettuce, devilled eggs, berries w/cottage cheese, sunflower seeds..chicken and avacodo salad w/tomatoes and I'm hungry :)