Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day Six

Day Six 150lbs
I love Saturdays.  I love sleeping in.  I love spending time hanging out at home with Friend and Charles, watching some Boy Meets World and eating cocoa roasted almonds.  (4 carbs per serving, don't ya know.)  I love going to the laundry mat and getting all of my laundry done in just a couple of hours.  I love taking really long walks on the river walk, chatting with my cousin and laughing at the people who kept staring at us.  Maybe it was because we were laughing so hard.  I love wandering through neighborhoods in my own hometown and discovering things I've never noticed before.  I love cool evenings and warm blankets.  Ah, yes, I love Saturdays.


  1. I do believe you have lost inches.

    And I still wonder who cousin is, but don't expect you to answer, because perhaps you'd have to cross a personal boundary by answering, or perhaps I'm trying to invade your boundaries, or gaaaa, I'm sorta kinda maybe trying to make a lame joke based on the title of the book you recommended I read.

    (and what I assume the book is about based on google a year ago, and a related book that I read a few pages of several months ago.)

    Glad to know I'm not the only one interested in randomly exploring places I've never been. When I get my car, I fully plan on going down all sorts of odd roads, just to see "what's down there."

    1. Yes, the cousin I referred to on "Day Five" was none other than our dear friend Stephanie. However, the cousin from "Day Six" is a different cousin whom you've never met. I have 30 first cousins...and we're all pretty close. No boundary violations, I appreciate that your reading my blog. :)
      And thank, I HOPE I have lost inches!