Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day Two

I lost two pounds!!  Who would've thought that my favorite part of my day would be first thing in the morning when I stepped on that scale? 

This is an illustration of how I felt this morning.  
Notice the victory fist pump in the air, my declaration that, "I am a Beast Warrior!"  Yeah.  It felt that good.  I rushed into the living room to tell Friend.  I've never been so excited to weigh 151 pounds.

Today for lunch I had cheese, summer sausage, and an egg.  0% carbs. 100% delicious.

I went on a 2 mile walk over my lunch break and a 3 mile walk with Friend and Charles this evening.  My legs are angry now.

I think the worst part about today was when someone brought me a fruit and yogurt parfait and I couldn't eat it (even though I really wanted to) because there were like 28 carbs in it.  Well over my legal limit.  Not cool. :(

At any rate, here I am on Day Two.
Day Two 151lbs
Anyone else having Food-I-Love-Even-Though-It's-Bad-For-Me withdraws?

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  1. Lovin' this story. You must be doing the "induction phase" of low-carb. Love how you refer to Friend as well, "Friend." Ha. 5 mi. So hard core. :-)