Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day Four

Day Four 151lbs
No, it's not a mistake.  Somehow my weight fluctuated and I actually gained a pound yesterday.  Sigh.  I didn't even cheat or anything.  Such is life on the diet train.  I guess that was the worst part of my day, stepping on the scale.

But, it's a really big accomplishment that I didn't quit on the spot.  I kept up with my diet today even though the scale was discouraging.  And I'm proud of me for that.

I didn't get a chance to exercise today, got home too late.

I had to eat dinner at a banquet I was attending for work.  I immediately gave away my bread to the intern, and my cupcake.  I pushed the rice and half the carrots to the other side of my plate and at the chicken and a few glazed baby carrots.  And lots of water.  I decided to have dessert at home....the last ice cream bar.  Friend left it for me. :)

Cousin will be in town this weekend!  So excited!!

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  1. Cousin Stephie, by chance? Where do you work, anyway? I'm well acquainted with giving bread away, although for the gluten-free aspect. Killed me today, b/c I had an easter party for my 5 little 1 yr. old girls, and one of their mom's ordered these cute-as-can-be mini cupcakes. The fancy kind that come in several different flavors, with different colored icing, with syrups drizzled across. It killed me to not be able to partake, so I went crazy on the cheetos.