Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day Sixteen

Sorry, Friends.  I was very ill yesterday and couldn't post.  But at least now I know why I was sick.  It turns out, that I can either go on a low-carb diet or run, but I can't do both.  My body will not allow for it.  

Day Sixteen 145lbs
Because I was feeling so sick, I had to break my diet today.  I had some sprite, some broth and some yogurt.  I couldn't stomach much else.  That is, until much later in the evening.  I confess, I had a slice of pizza...and a cookie.  It's like Hank Williams says, your cheatin' heart will tell on you.


So, no exercise today.  I actually was jonesin' for a run but didn't have time to do that, the dishes, go to my grandma's, and do my taxes.  PS... I hate taxes.


  1. Aww, don't feel bad, I ate a whole box of chocolate covered peanuts (not even dark chocolate), and a whole packet of milk chocolate peanut caramel clusters today. :-/ And then I went and ran 5 mi. to hopefully make up for a little bit of it. :-/ I'm so given to self-destructive and self-sabotaging ways, but at least eating chocolate is a rather benign self-destructive (okay, is that an oxymoron?) activity, if I must engage in one.. I was just craving candy really badly today!

    You look great in your picture, and I'd say that on sick days, a person is totally allowed to "cheat." Still working on taxes? Wow, wasn't today the deadline? Ha ha. I got my check back already. But I must admit, I took the easy route, and had my taxes done for me. Cost me $50, but to me, it was worth it for the peace of mind.

    I started using the tax guy a few years ago, b/c I was working for my dad, and that's who my dad used. Back then, Dad would pay the bill for me. I must be a creature of habit, b/c even though I'm in a different state, I emailed & mailed him my info, and he prepared it all for me long-distance. When a person finds what works... ;-)

    Sorry for stealing your comment section again...

    1. Thanks for the "cheating" pass. Hopefully I can stay on track today.
      I waited to do my taxes because I owed money. A lot of money. So, I wasn't in an hurry to part with it. I could go on and on about how I feel about taxes, but that's a another blog for another day. Suffice it to say, if given the option, I see myself pulling the lever for Ron Paul this November.

  2. :-) Yeah, I HATE taxes, and all the more since reading THE TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER (Dave Ramsey) and THE REVOLUTION: A MANIFESTO (Ron Paul). I think it's grand thievery that I get money taken out ea. week for taxes, when I'm only making minimum wage; and the people who it's benefiting are probably living better off than I am, as a result. "Bitter a little?" Um, maybe. Sorry you had to part with so much money! I feel for ya!