Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day Seven

You know you're taking your low-carb diet seriously when you've just taken communion at church and you suddenly panic because you don't know how many net carbs are in the wafer and grape juice.  Yeah...kinda scared myself.

I took two nice, long walks today.  I'm determined to get out of the 150s.  I thought for sure I'd have lost another pound by now, but the scale is stuck at 150.0.  Just 0.1 pound would put me back in the 140s where I don't belong, but wouldn't mind passing through.  Sigh.

Day Seven 150lbs
Tonight we are having a cookout at Mom and Dad's house.  Mom said she would make sure there was stuff I could eat.  I'm really hoping for steak.  Really really hoping.  Maybe some salad too.  I found out that regular Ranch dressing has fewer carbs than Light Ranch.  What kind of sick world is this?!?!

Regardless, here's my Day Seven picture.  Maybe, like Mary suggested yesterday, I am losing inches.  I'll take whatever I can get.


  1. When I was low carbing, I lost inches way before I lost pounds; I was stuck for a while, and then eventually I just started really losing. I think sometimes it takes a while to kick in. Also, I once read a thread on the low carb friends message board where different women were discussing specific "low carb" foods that actually kept them from losing. I think each person is probably different, and with time, you'll learn which "low carb" foods actually don't help you attain your weight loss goals. It's a learning process. And I hate that I sound like such a know-it-all. I'm not. Really.

    1. Thanks Mary! That really helps. I'm trying not to get discouraged, but I really needed to lose 5 pounds per week....and I'm behind after week 1 cause I only lost 4. :(