Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Candy Bar: Chubby Mac vs. the M&Ms

In our office, we have what we call "The Candy Bar."  It's a table that sits in our foyer with several apothecary jars full of yummy candy goodness.  What's your pleasure?  M&M's?  We have two and sometimes three different varieties.  Snickers?  Reese cups?  Jolly Ranchers?  Starburst?  We got it at the bar.  When visitors come in, we encourage them to fill a small paper cup with a candy cocktail.  And of course, employees have the freedom to eat all the candy our teeth can handle throughout the work day.  Talk about a sweet office perk!

While it may be good for morale, it's not so good for my diet.  There have been many days when I've fought the temptation to get up and fill my little paper cup (it's not that much, right?) full of M&Ms.  Just a little chocolate with my coffee.  And I admit, more often than not, I've given in to that temptation.  In fact, I was giving in every day.  I kept thinking it wouldn't hurt, but those little bits of candy started to add up.  I would tell myself that I was going to stop eating the candy, but somehow I kept going back.  And so, I started a score card at the beginning of this week.  For every day that I don't eat M&Ms, I get a point.  As of today, it's Chubby Mac: 3, M&Ms: 1.  And I'm really proud of that.

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