Wednesday, August 22, 2012

99 Days....and Counting

We have 99 Days until Thanksgiving.  Well, more like 98 since it's the end of this day.  Which means...wait for it..I only have 98 days to lose 30 pounds.  Okay, it's not so terribly dramatic.  It's not like if I don't lose 30 pounds in the next 98 days that I'll explode or something.  But I have some extra incentive to lose the weight this time.  My favorite sister-in-law just had a baby and now she's ready to lose the baby weight and she wants us to be accountable to each other.  I can do it for her, right?  If we break it down, that's 10 pounds a month.  Break it down further, that's 2.5 pounds a weeks.  That's a calorie deficit of approximately 1,250 calories a day.  Okay...not exactly sure what the science breaks down to, but I'm thinkin' 1300 calorie diet and 45-60 minutes of good cardio six days/week.  
It's time to get started.

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