Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I hate dieting


nce upon time there was a happy young woman who lived merrily right at and around her ideal weight.  Sigh.  Those were days.  Long ago days.   But then disaster struck and she lived merrily no more.  And that happy young woman from our tragic tale…was me. 

Okay, so here’s the deal.  Last fall I became deathly sick. 
Okay, maybe not deathly sick. 

But sick enough to go on medication.  And that medication, unbeknownst to me, had a wicked little side effect:  weight gain.  So in about three months, I gained 30 pounds, three months later- got healthy again, got off the medications, decided to go on an extreme diet, and thought it might be good to blog about it.  That should bring us right up to now, and that’s about where you showed up.  Ah, yes, my accountability partners.
It’s a six week extreme program.  It’s a so-LOW-it’s-frightening Carb diet that claims I can lose 30 pounds in 42 days.  That’s six weeks.  Five pounds per week.  Biggest Loser style.  Without the crazy weight training exercises…and without Jillian and Bob.   

See, this is how I look: 
Actual photograph

But this is how I feel: 
Artist rendering
See the angry eyebrows?  The giant cake I’m about to consume in one bite?  The child that is running away and screaming for help because she’s afraid I’ll eat her next?  Yeah…that pretty much sums it up.

So I’ll keep you all posted on what I weigh, what I’m eating, how I’m exercising, and why I hate being on diets.  April 2nd is my official Day 1.  Please feel free to check up on me every day and leave your encouragements, discouragements, concerns, and anything that might make me laugh at myself.  Here’s to over-achieving!


  1. I love overachieving! (Planning to overachieve, and then underachieving, that is.) Low carbing is awesome. I lost 10-15 lb. a year ago, low-carbing, mixed with a few meals a week that were like this: measured, slow-burning carb + 1 t. fat max + any lean protein. It was based on a method that two friends taught me, who decided to actually write a book on it. Last I heard, it's still in it's editing stages. It's similar to Suzanne Somers' plan. There's an awesome encouraging low-carb message board that is really encouraging and inspiring, complete with lots of success pictures, here:

    I need to low-carb too, but keep finding petty excuses, as my gut protrudes more and more.. You inspire me. :-)

  2. Good luck girl! We have been working on weight loss the past month. Not easy, but so rewarding! This week we are growing a bit weary and want to eat all of the things we shouldn't. I know this too shall pass.

  3. Good luck Ashley! I am trying to lose weight too, mostly just watching my portions, trying to be fairly low carb. I have lost around 8 pounds since January.


  4. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! And congrats to you that are already taking steps to lose weight and be healthier. We can do this!!!